National Jewels Museum

a definite highlight of any amount of time spent in Tehran, this museum houses a vast array of jewels and jewellery enough to boggle anyone’s mind as to their value. Admission is 30000 IR, and it is open 2pm-4:30pm Saturdays-Tuesdays. It is located in the basement of the Bank Melli on Ferdosi street, just north of Imam Khomeini square.
The massive collection of jewels come from the Shahs of the Safavid times who went to the farthest reaches of the, then unknown, world to obtain them. The largest uncut diamond in the world, the Kiani crown, the globe of jewels and the peacock throne are spectacular. Waiting for a guided tour is also worth it, as the descriptions on the items are often short and/or not in English.

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