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Places To Visit in Tehran - Iran

Ashkan Mountain - Tehran

Ashkan Mountain

has paintings done on leveled rock of Sassanid kings and Qajar Shahs. ...

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Azadi Square and Tower - Tehran

Azadi Square and Tower

the landmark and icon of Tehran, the Azadi tower is located to the west of the city. Its unique shape and surrounding parks and museum make it a tourist drawcard. Built in 1971 to commemorate the 2500th year of the Persian empire.  ...

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Baharestan Square - Tehran

Baharestan Square

Another busy thoroughfare with shops and tourist attractions. ...

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Emam Khomeini Mosque - Tehran

Emam Khomeini Mosque

in the bazaar area, a beautifully made mosque. ...

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Glass and Ceramics Museum - Tehran

Glass and Ceramics Museum

located at No. 75, 30 Tir St, in the Tajrish Sq Area, this interesting collection is extremely well laid out and displayed. The shop on the ground floor sells a guidebook to the exhibits. The collections are varied and eclectic and the buildings themselves are quite beautiful. It was built in the...

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Golestan Palace and Gardens - Tehran

Golestan Palace and Gardens

is a beautiful complex of monuments built by the Qajar ruler Nasser al-Din Shah in the Imam Khomeini Square area. Also known as the palace of Roses, it houses some of Iran’s oldest buildings; serving primarily as a museum and home to ancient artefacts. There are several museums in the complex,...

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Iranian Photographer’s Centre - Tehran

Iranian Photographer’s Centre

shows an interesting slice of Persian art and is a good place to meet Iranian photographers. The gallery is beautifully displayed and there is an adjoining shop which sells photographic equipment. Telephone: 8889 5054 ...

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Milad Tower - Tehran

Milad Tower

Only a short metro ride north of the city is the Milad tower which features a 435m radio and satellite antenna, a viewing deck, a revolving restaurant and a sky dome. It is the tallest concrete tower in Iran and has an octagonal base, symbolic of Persian architecture....

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