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Hotels in Tehran - Iran

Bolour Hotel  - Tehran

Bolour Hotel

191, Qarani Street, in the Valiasr square area.
Telephone: 8829881, 8823080.

Located near Sarkis cathedral, this hotel is reasonable in price and has large clean bathrooms.

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Ferdossi Grand Hotel - Tehran

Ferdossi Grand Hotel

No.24, Forobhi Ave., Ferdousi St.
Telephone: 6719991-3 Fax: 671149, Website: http://www.ferdossigrandhotel.com/

Close to museums and the grand bazaar, contains 482 rooms and 185 suites and VIP rooms. An internet café, snooker and billiard salon, four restaurants and a coffee...

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Firouzeh Hotel - Tehran

Firouzeh Hotel

Dowlat Abad alley, off Amir Kabir st, Baharestan Sq area  
Telephone: 3311 3508.
The owner of this hotel makes it a pleasurable visit every time. Mr. Mousavi is very hospitable and always willing to lend a helping hand no matter what information or assistance you need....

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Hotel Khazar Sea  - Tehran

Hotel Khazar Sea

12 Ohady Alley, Amir Kabir Street
Telephone : 3311 3860.
Fairly dingy location, Amir Kabir St isn’t too clean, but very central and close to the main squares and modes of transport. The hotel is friendly with a relaxed atmosphere. Prices range from 60 000-70 000 IR for a single...

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Hotel Mashhad  - Tehran

Hotel Mashhad

416, Amir Kabir st,
Telephone: 3113062
Internet access is available in this small but comfortable hostel. Bathrooms are shared.

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Hotel Tehran Gol  - Tehran

Hotel Tehran Gol

582 Amir Kabir Street
Telephone: 311 3477
Still in the same street, but has cleaner rooms than most budget accommodation. Some large rooms have a shower inside, but no toilet. Shared bathroom facilities must be used for all the other rooms. Prices for a single room can go as low as...

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Iranshahr Hotel  - Tehran

Iranshahr Hotel

75, Southern Iranshahr St.
Telephone: 8883 4976
Website: http://www.hotel-iranshahr.com/

Central location (close to bazaar, airport, shopping, public transport) and good value for money. 35 rooms, 4 apartments and 4 suites with laundry service, satellite TV and...

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Laleh International Hotel - Tehran

Laleh International Hotel

Dr.Fatemi St., Cross Hejab
Telephone: 896 5021, Fax 896 5517
Website: http://www.lalehhotel.com/

Has three restaurants catering to different cuisines and 400 air-conditioned and comfortable rooms and suites. A 24-hour coffee shop, banking facilities, laundry, swimming...

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