Fast Facts

-Location: Tehran city is located in the central north part of Iran, and is the administrative capital of the Tehran municipal district. It is separated from the Caspian Sea by the Alborz mountain range.

-Dialing code: country: +98
                                  : city: 021 followed by an five to eight-digit subscriber number. Mobile phone numbers begin with a three-digit code 91x or 93x.

-Emergency numbers

Police: 110
Fire: 125
Ambulance: 115
Directory inquiries: 118
Tourist Information Helpdesk: there isn’t a dedicated office for tourism-related enquiries, but some tour operators may be helpful. Iran Touring and Tourism Organisation:  655687154. The Department of Alien Affairs can process visa extensions but is generally very busy: 8904560
Car Breakdown Service: The touring and Automobile Club of the Islamic Republic of Iran: 8958096
Airport Enquiry: Tehran Mehrabad Airport: 21 6693 0934
Imam Khomeini International Airport: 21 5100 6015

Railway Enquiry: 556114 for information and 5382939 for prior bookings.
14 million

Farsi, Arabic, English

-Time zone
UTC + 3:30; Daylight savings time :UTC + 4:30 in summer

-Average January temperatures
-1 to 5°C

-Average July temperatures
26 to 37°C

-Annual rainfall