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General Information About Tehran - Iran

Annual Temperature - Tehran

Annual Temperature

Month    High      Low
January    5°C    -1°C February    8°C    1°C March    13°C    5°C April    21°C    12°C May    26°C    16°C June    33°C    22°C July    37°C    26°C August    35°C    24°C September    31°C  ...

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Currency and  Exchange Rates - Tehran

Currency and Exchange Rates

The Iranian Rial (IR) is the currency in Iran ...

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Fast Facts - Tehran

Fast Facts

-Location: Tehran city is located in the central north part of Iran, and is the administrative capital of the Tehran municipal district. It is separated from the Caspian Sea by the Alborz mountain range.

-Dialing code: country: +98Read More

Public Holidays - Tehran

Public Holidays

Iran has a slew of public holidays, some according to the Persian, some lunar and others according to the Gregorian calendar.
Islamic New year, Prophet’s birthday, Eid Al Fitr, Eid Al Adha, Arbaeen, Tassoura and Ashoura are all dependent on the Persian and lunar calendars and are...

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Tehran History - Tehran

Tehran History

‘Tehran’ in the local Farsi language means ‘at the foot of the slope’ which is obviously a description of the city’s location at the foot of the majestic Alborz mountains. It has been the capital of Iran for 200 years, making one of the oldest and most populous capital cities in Asia. Read More

Tehran Residents - Tehran

Tehran Residents

The people of Tehran are very friendly with tourists and the city has a fairly young population. Most residents are Persian and speak Farsi. There are many Armenians, Jews, Assyrians and Kurds. Some descendants of Punjabi traders, Iraqi and Lebanese Arabs and Afghans make up the remaining...

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Tehran today - Tehran

Tehran today

The city of Tehran is not described as ‘pleasant’ by most but a few days getting to know the place will allow you to unearth unexpected treasures. It is clearly divided into the affluent north and the gritty south. Both parts of the city have experiences to offer the keen tourist. Read More

Visa Information - Tehran

Visa Information

Obtaining visas to enter Iran is relatively easy. Passport holders from Europe and the Gulf countries can get a 15-day extendable visa at Tehran airport.
Other nationalities, including UAE citizens, can apply for a visa at the Iranian consulate in the country of residence. Your passport...

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