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Transportation - Getting Around in Isfahan - Iran

Buses - Isfahan


The most economical, and usually the fastest, way to traverse the city is to travel by public buses and coaches. These are plentiful, with a variety of routes that cover even the remotest parts of town. Unlike most buses in other Asian and Middle Eastern countries, buses in Isfahan tend to be quite...

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Car for Hire - Isfahan

Car for Hire

Europecar Iran
Address: No 2, Felestin Square, Amadghah Street, Isfahan
Phone: 311 221 5702
Fax: 311 221 6058
E-mail: isfahan@europcariran.com

Value for your price, Europecar offers luxurious cars including Kia and Peugeot models.  The company also offers...

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Driving Tips - Isfahan

Driving Tips

Petrol is abundant in Iran, and hence almost everyone has a car. Consequently, roads are very crowded, and air and noise pollution is an everyday experience.
Parking is quite difficult to find especially near major tourist attractions, so you would probably have to park a fair distance away...

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From the airport - Isfahan

From the airport

The quickest and safest way to get to the city center from the airport is by hiring out a chauffeured car from one of the car rental booths placed in the lobby. However, it can also be considerably expensive.

For those on a budget, taxis are the ideal solution. Cabbies will be more...

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Metro - Isfahan


A small network of a local metro is currently under construction in Isfahan with help from a German company.

The metro system will run along two major lines and three subordinate ones.

Line 1 will be opened for public use by the end of 2012, and will consist of 20...

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Taxi - Isfahan


Taxis are the most interesting form of travel within Isfahan. Relatively more inexpensive than you would expect, and with drivers who lower the fare merely out of courtesy for a foreigner (an unusual trait, considering how opportunist cabbies can be when it comes to tourists), taxis are the first...

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