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Bazaar e Bozorg

altAddress: north side of Imam Square
Timings: 9am to 7pm

An architectural gem, a centuries-old history-loaded monument, a labyrinth of sights and sounds and smells, a center of storytelling, culture, and hospitality – welcome to the fabled Grand Bazaar of Isfahan.

Spanning a huge area on the northern side of the Imam Square, and extending all the way up to the old Jama Mosque in the city’s historic quarters, the Grand Bazaar comprises of long vaulted corridors that contain niches used as shops, mosques, banks, teahouses, and small business offices. Almost everything imaginable, every commodity from every country, every everyday item – find them all here at very modest prices supplemented by amazing discounts.

The bazaar is also referred to commonly as the Grand Bazaar and the Qaiseriyyah Bazaar.



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