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Si-o-Seh Bridge (Teahouse)

altAddress: exit from the Inqalab e Islami Square out to the Zayandeh River Area
Timings: 8am to 11pm

Take a leisurely stroll along the main pavilion of the Si-o-Seh Bridge (Allahwardi Khan Bridge) facing the water, and then descend into the multiple arcaded tea and shisha space at the lower, pedestrian levels of the bridge.

An excellent teahouse is located at the north end, right as you enter from the Islami Square. Apart from serving steaming tea, the place also caters to a favorite Iranian hobby – the galyoun, a smoky waterpipe like a shisha.

Such low-key places are an excellent way to get to know the local populace, their customs, their way of socializing, and their political views. However, while discussing politics, do not support the United States on the Iran Nuclear Program, or you can attract hostile reactions!
Another word of advice – the teahouses are usually predominantly male, and ladies entering the place might get initial stares. Dress modestly, talk in an upright and formal way, and the wandering glances will soon turn away.



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