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Shahrazad Restaurant (Traditional)

altAddress: Abbas Abad Street, near Pars Hotel
Phone: 220 4490
Timings: 1130am to 1030pm

Delicately carved antique wooden furniture, rich paintings adorning the interior walls, colorful stained glass work on grand windows, life-size mirrors lining the hall, and dim incandescent flares creating a romantic, laidback ambience – dine like a Safavid royal at a very modest price!
The restaurant serves delightful local foods as well as an assortment of green salads. An all-vegetarian menu is also available if you have not quite grown to like the taste of Iranian meat. A small but tasty variety of seafood is also served.
The place is very popular with tourists, as it is not as expensive as the interior suggests. You have to arrive early for a meal to get quality service.



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