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Naqsh e Jahan (Traditional)

altAddress: Naqsh e Jahan Square
Timings: open daily 7am to 11pm

An ideal location, with a bunch of neat little tables sprawled out in front of the colossal whitewashed arcade lining the Sheikh Lotfullah Mosque, this open-air diner gives amazing panoramic views over the whole square, as well as an up-close and personal look at the intricate detailing on the walls of the pavilion.
The restaurant contains a pleasantly decorated interior dining hall – the outdoor space is reserved for families and larger groups. A “please” with a smile might get you some outdoor seating if you are in a sizeable group.
The restaurant offers a fine array of salads in addition to some of the tastiest local cuisine, including shish kebabs, abgousht (called dizi locally – a roasted and marinated meat stew), and grilled lamb.
Service is extremely efficient and very polite. You are sure to catch a live musical night at least once or twice a week.
Another plus side - night time illumination of the Sheikh Lotfullah Mosque might make you put down your utensils and take out your camera!



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