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Bastani Restaurant (Traditional)

altAddress: Naqsh e Jahan Square
Phone: 220 0374
Timings: 1130am to 430pm, 630pm to 1030pm

Located in front of the Imam Mosque (Shah Masjid) at the Naqsh e Jahan Square, the restaurant is geared specifically towards foreign travelers – it introduces them to the local aesthetics of décor and lighting while giving them an opportunity to splurge on some pleasing meat dishes from around Iran.
The menu contains a lot of dishes with funny names – that is, if you cannot understand Persian. A special treat is the boiled rice with sauce and meatballs. Also try the fruit salads. 
The food is not the most authentic around the city, but the ambience alone should make up for any lapses in the taste. Service however is a bit slow.



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