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American Restaurant (Local)

altAddress: New Julfa, near Kalisa Gevork (Gevork Church), Hakim Nizami Street

Come for the largest, most finger-licking variety of local food in Isfahan!
Named as an American diner, this place actually specializes in local delicacies, especially the scrumptious chulu kebabs with perfectly boiled, saffron sprinkled white rice. Also of note are the kebab berg (a kind of spiced, marinated meat chunk cut into small pieces), and luleh kebab (minced meatballs). The meat dishes are always served with a red and green salad of tomato slices and lettuce leaves. You can also ask for an additional pickle topping – it adds that perfect sour effect to the meat!
The restaurant can be a bit hard to find, so just ask a local for the “American restaurant” when you get to the church. 



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