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Abbasi Restaurant (European/Middle Eastern)

altAddress: inside Abbasi Hotel, Shahid Medani Street
Timings: 4pm to 11pm

Abbasi Hotel is in itself an architectural treat for the eyes – a 300 years old royal guesthouse, updated with modern elements of interior design while sticking to the traditional themes of royal opulence and grandeur.
The hotel’s restaurant offers affordable tea for everyone, but anything beyond that is a real wallet drainer. Tourists come here more for admiring the richly ornamented interior than for the ridiculously expensive cuisine.
The menu consists of authentic European flavors, in addition to local meat and vegetable dishes. The appetizer soups should be ordered only if you have the bucks for a sumptuous meal to follow – otherwise, stick to the tea only!
If weather permits, you might get a chance to hang out in the garden terrace.



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