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Restaurants in Isfahan - Iran

Aazam Beryani (Traditional) - Isfahan

Aazam Beryani (Traditional)

Address: Chahar Bagh Abbasi Street
Timings: Saturdays to Thursdays 9am to 4pm

The place specializes in serving up some of the tastiest biryani, a national favorite. Unlike restaurants that sell kebabs and other local dishes, it is very rare to...

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Abbasi Restaurant (European/Middle Eastern) - Isfahan

Abbasi Restaurant (European/Middle Eastern)

Address: inside Abbasi Hotel, Shahid Medani Street
Timings: 4pm to 11pm

Abbasi Hotel is in itself an architectural treat for the eyes – a 300 years old royal guesthouse, updated with modern elements of interior design while sticking to the traditional themes of royal opulence...

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Aboozar Restaurant (Peruvian) - Isfahan

Aboozar Restaurant (Peruvian)

Address: Bazar e Buzurg, city center.
Phone: 222 0654.
Timings: 11am to 3pm.

Quick service, large eating hall, and excellent rice and salads. But food disappears fast when locals swarm to the restaurant for afternoon...

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American Restaurant (Local) - Isfahan

American Restaurant (Local)

Address: New Julfa, near Kalisa Gevork (Gevork Church), Hakim Nizami Street

Come for the largest, most finger-licking variety of local food in Isfahan!
Named as an American diner, this place actually specializes in local delicacies, especially the scrumptious chulu kebabs with...

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Arabo (Pizza) - Isfahan

Arabo (Pizza)

Address: Kalisa Street, Jolfa
Phone: 624 7119
Timings: open daily 12noon to 4pm, 6pm to 11pm

A modern, trendy diner that offers, in addition to mouthwatering pizza, luxuriously clad waitresses with almost comical amounts of makeup. The casual, hip setting and the dimly...

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Bastani Restaurant (Traditional) - Isfahan

Bastani Restaurant (Traditional)

Address: Naqsh e Jahan Square
Phone: 220 0374
Timings: 1130am to 430pm, 630pm to 1030pm

Located in front of the Imam Mosque (Shah Masjid) at the Naqsh e Jahan Square, the restaurant is geared specifically towards foreign travelers – it introduces them to the local...

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Breakfast at Hafez Street (Local) - Isfahan

Breakfast at Hafez Street (Local)

Address: Hafez Street.
Timings: open daily 8am to 12 midnight.
For a delightful, truly authentic Iranian breakfast, head straight to Hafez Street in the early hours of the day. A number of roadside kiosks pop up in the morning, selling steaming...

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Chubi Bridge (Café) - Isfahan

Chubi Bridge (Café)

Address: Chubi Bridge, Zayandeh River.
Another traditional teahouse that is always crowded – service is very slow, giving you ample time for long chat sessions with groups of friends, or local strangers, or strange locals – whichever you prefer!...

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