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What to do with Children in Tow

altIsfahan is not a city geared specifically towards children. The air around the city is formal, sober, and one of intellect and reverence rather than frolic and merrymaking. The lack of amusement opportunities within the city is somewhat of a downside when you are bringing along a family with toddlers. The only best place you can take children is probably one of the numerous parks around the city. An evening of family-oriented fun for kids and adults alike will keep pestering kids at bay, while offering you relief from the pressures of the city center.

Kids of ages 8 and up, who can carry themselves around in a somewhat grownup manner, can also be taken to the bridges on the Zayandeh. Treat your little ones to magical nighttime visuals, helping them generate imaginative fantasy worlds in their heads based on real world archetypes, as they observe the glistening reflections of splotches of lights on the gently flowing river!

Kids can also be taken to the Museum of Natural History. Be warned, though, that not all biological specimens on display here would appear to be cute and cuddly to the little ones – some of them are actually quite disturbing, and it is best to ask at the reception which sections to visit with children. The museum is informative though, and offers a different kind of learning and recreation for aspiring scientists. 



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