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Vank Church

altAddress: Kelisa Street, Jolfa neighborhood
Phone: +98 311 624 3471
Timings: 8am to 1230pm, 2pm to 530pm
Tickets: adults IRR 30000, students IRR 16000

This grand cathedral was constructed by Armenian immigrants from the Turk lands some three centuries ago, who sought refuge in Iran after escaping persecution at the hands of the Ottomans. They were allotted land near the Jolfa area, with rights to practice their religion freely and construct places of worship. This was the first grand structure that they built.

The simple, elegant ornamentation on the exterior speaks of fusions of elements from classical and renaissance Christian and medieval Islamic art. The colorful frescoes on the interior walls are used in conjunction with Islamic tile patterns to create a truly awe-inspiring experience for the viewer.

Within the cathedral is housed the Armenian Museum. This contains depictions of the persecutions that the Armenians underwent – heart-warming, and sometimes pure shocking, these paintings are pieces of original art in themselves. 



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