Sheikh Lotfullah Mosque

Address: east side of the Naqsh e Jahan Square.
The grandeur of the Imam Mosque, located on the South side of the Naqsh e Jahan Square, is a sight to behold – and yet, the Sheikh Lotfullah Mosque achieves the very same impact with simplicity and an understatement of imposing expression.

Constructed between 1602 and 1619 to honor Shah Abbas I’s father in law of the same name, the Lotfullah Mosque is viewed as a stark contrast, and yet a harmonious, complementing addition to the Imam Mosque – the two balance the visual air within the square, once providing the much needed, daunting grandeur, the other subtly expressing elegance and concealed splendor.

The dome of the mosque is of special note – done in spectacular tones of gold, blues and thin black stripes. The Mosque contains intricately detailed muqarnas (stalactites), medallions bearing floral wreaths and motifs, and arabesque detailing.

Outside the Mosque are series of diners that are especially popular in the evenings, when the incandescent lighting in the square turns the dome into a surrealistic sight set against a dark starry sky.


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