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Quran Museum

altAddress: inside the Abbasi Hotel, Chahar Bagh Avenue
Timings: 9am to 5pm

The Abbasi Hotel houses a splendid museum that displays some of the most beautifully restored specimens of the Holy Quran. The samples are done in a variety of calligraphic styles, including the popular Nakshi, Kufic, and Mohaqqiq, and exhibit the changes that occurred in the fonts as time passed. A Special section displays the first use of each font, like the first Quran done in Nakshi script by Ibne Bavvab.

A range of sizes (pocket size, armbands, reheli, jaye namazi, and the sultani), these samples contain some of the most authentic and unequalled pieces of the holy book. The samples cover the Timurid, Safavid and Qajar eras.

The museum also contains the world’s first printed copy of a full-color Quran, dating from around 50 years ago. Another section contains more contemporary fonts and styles.

A small library is located adjacent to the museum, and contains English and Persian books on history, religion, philosophy, and literature.



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