Pigeon Towers

Address: along the Atashgah Avenue
Rearing pigeons has been a favorite pastime for the locals since centuries. Kept domestically in cages built onto roofs of houses, you will often see, on a summer evening, people releasing and calling out to pigeons from their rooftops, sprinkling grains onto sidewalks for the birds, and putting out dishes of water at large monuments for the birds to drink from.

However, until quite recently, pigeons had also been kept for industrial/commercial purposes – they were seen as the key supplier of guano, contained within their droppings, used to make fertilizers, paints, and quite a few other products. Pigeon-rearing thus grew from a hobby into an industry.

The most efficient way to hold pigeons was in the form of tall vertical shafts with small niches that function as resting and eating places for the birds. However, modern chemical fertilizers have been pigeon dung an inefficient product, and so almost all of these towers have been abandoned.

You will still be enchanted by the infinite series of these slender abandoned towers as you cruise along Atashgah Avenue – makes for extremely haunting sepia shots as the sun is setting!


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