Minar Jomban

Address: Kaladyn, near Atash Kadeh
Constructed as a tomb for a respected local faker (beggar) called Abu Abdullah during the 14th century, with the minarets coming in almost three centuries later, the Minar Jomban today has gained immense popularity as being quite an extraordinary piece of architecture.
Tourists know this place for its minarets – go inside one and shake the walls, and you will see the other one start to vibrate as well! Of course, not everyone is allowed to do so – only the two or three guides that are present within the premises. When a substantial tourist crowd has gathered, one of them prepares himself to go inside a minaret to perform this magical feat.

The secret? The minarets were constructed out of sandstone containing feldspar, which eroded over time, leaving the joints hollow, giving the minarets their amazing ability to sway when shaken.

Scientific theories aside, the experience is quite an amusing one – to see a real live building swing to and fro like stalks of grass in the wind!


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