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Ali Mosque

altAddress: Haruniyeh, near Dibai House Hote.
Another one of the centuries-old mosques dotted around the city, this architectural gem echoes with impressive brickwork masonry reminiscent of the Seljuk period. Layers of brown bricks laid out in graceful geometrical designs might not stand out as prominently as the blue and green tile work of most other mosques, but they present a stunning visual experience nevertheless. The mosque contains a number of large portals, or iwans, that give the interior a rich, spacious ambience. The 48m tall elegant minaret of the mosque, dwarfing the small precinct, can be seen from a good distance – check out the view of the minaret from the courtyard of the Dibai House Hotel if you happen to stay there. It contains splendid bands of Kufic calligraphy, one in brick, and three in glazed blue tiles. A must-visit for culture-craving tourists!                  


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