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Places To Visit in Isfahan - Iran

Ali Mosque - Isfahan

Ali Mosque

Address: Haruniyeh, near Dibai House Hote.
Another one of the centuries-old mosques dotted around the city, this architectural gem echoes with impressive brickwork masonry reminiscent of the Seljuk period. Layers of brown bricks laid out in graceful geometrical designs might...

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Ali Qapu Palace - Isfahan

Ali Qapu Palace

Address: west side of the Naqsh e Jahan Square, opposite the Sheikh Lotfullah Mosque
Timings: 8am to sunset
Tickets: IRR 4000

This majestic palatial edifice was initially built as a grand portal that marked entry into...

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Atashkadeh - Isfahan


Address: western outskirts of Isfahan, near intersection of Amir Kabir Road with Atashgah Avenue
Timings: 830am to 5pm
Tickets: IRR 2000

Located on a hilly mound outside the city, the Atashkadeh is a fire temple that...

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Central Library - Isfahan

Central Library

Address: opposite Hasht Behisht garden complex, Hasht Behisht Street.
A fascinating piece of modernism fused with traditional color and construction, the very building of the Central Library is a refreshing break from all the typical Safavid style monuments around the city....

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Chahar Bagh Avenue - Isfahan

Chahar Bagh Avenue

Address: the main boulevard beside the Naqsh e Jahan Square complex, parallel to and west of Ostandari Street.

A beautiful, wide, tree lined boulevard that stretches from west of the Naqsh e Jahan Square down past the Isfahan Palace Complex, and onto the Si-o-Seh Pol,...

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Chihil Sutun - Isfahan

Chihil Sutun

Address: Ostandari Street, city center, Isfahan.
Timings: 8am to 12noon, 2pm to sunset.
Tickets: IRR 5000.

Constructed in 1647 under the orders of Shah Abbas II, the Chihil Sutun was conceived primarily as a space to...

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Chubi Bridge - Isfahan

Chubi Bridge

Address: between the Si-o-She and Khaju Bridge.
A smaller, less grand bridge, 150 meters long and containing 21 arches, the Chubi was built by Shah Abbas II to serve as royal parlors, for being served pleasant evening meals and as entertainment rooms for the ladies of the...

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Church of Bethlehem - Isfahan

Church of Bethlehem

Address: Nazar Street, Jolfa neighborhood
Timings: 11am to 5pm
Tickets: IRR 10000
Also known as the Kelisa e Bait ul Lahm, this church houses marvelous frescoes with catchy themes in black and gold depicting scenes from the...

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