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Organized Tours in Isfahan - Iran

Azade Kazimi - Isfahan

Azade Kazimi

Phone: 0913 327 9626
Email: azadekazemi@hotmail.com

Polite multilingual guides. The company offers religious and socio-cultural tours, including visitations to sacred sites. ...

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Isfahan Safar Tour & Travel Agency - Isfahan

Isfahan Safar Tour & Travel Agency

Address: opposite the Eastern Gate of the University, Hezar Jarib Avenue

A reliable operator that arranges for transport pickup services from the airport, assists with Visa issues, arranges for accommodation, and provides pilgrimage services for locals as well as tourists....

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Isfahan Tourist Guides Association - Isfahan

Isfahan Tourist Guides Association

Address: City Centre Imam Square
Phone: 0311 221 3840
Fax: 0311 221 6831

A commendable tour agency employing around 150 multilingual guides – English, French, Arabic, Persian, Spanish, and German. Offers a variety of local tours, specializing in cultural and heritage...

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Local guides - Isfahan

Local guides

Address: Imam Square

Within the grand central urban space in the city, the splendidly designed Imam Square, you will find a bunch of young women talking to groups of foreigners and giving general tips as well as specific guidelines about the city. They are professional tour guides, and...

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Maryam Shafiei - Isfahan

Maryam Shafiei

Phone: 0913 326 6127
Email: marie13572002@yahoo.fr

A small but reputable tour guide service. Individual attention to customers, with the possibility of designing custom tours within Isfahan as well as beyond the city.                   
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