Kowsar Hotel

Address: Millat Boulevard, near the Si-o-Seh Bridge, Isfahan
Phone: Tel: +98 311 240 2309
Fax: +98 311 249 975
Website: http://www.hotelkowsar.com/en/

Located right across from the Si-o-Seh Bridge, the rooms at the Kowsar serve as perfect vantage points for viewing the magnificent bridges across the Zayandeh River, the sprawling royal parks, and the mountains beyond the city’s profile.
Things get real exciting as dusk falls in and you retreat to the comfort of your cozy lodging unit – the city starts lighting up, and the bridges on the river, with their hundreds of specks of orange lights, look like little trains frozen in time.
Because of its strategic location, the hotel also saves you from the daily commotion of the main city center.
The ornamental treatment of the lobby reflects themes derived from local heritage. The lobby also contains an overpriced internet café, and quite a pleasant gift shop.
A small garden courtyard is included within the hotel, and makes for a charming little evening sitting space. A playground for children is also present to take care of pesky little brats or sweet little angels, whichever you have trained them to become.
The hotel always has rooms for tourists – reservations are not really required, but check in advance weather space is available.
Paid parking is available for hotel guests. A 24 hour doctor is also available on call.

The Guest Rooms at the hotel are set up in a largely Western fashion, with sleek modern beds, elegant sofa seats, and glistening metal stands for television sets. The Suites, however, contain a royal touch of tradition, with rich curtains, polished wood, and arched doorways.
All rooms are air conditioned, and contain attached baths, cable television, hairdryers, and a mini bar.
Laundry service is provided at request.

A delicious complimentary buffet breakfast is served early morning, and finishes off as larger groups of guests make their way down into the main dining hall.
The Friday brunch at the hotel’s restaurant is especially recommended, where you get to dine in an open-air setting on the rooftop, with daytime views over the surrounding cityscape and the splendid Zayandeh bridges.
The hotel’s café serves commendable tea and coffee in addition to snacks.

Health Facilities:
The hotel contains a pool for men only, a fully equipped gym, and a sauna. Usage for guests is subject to certain terms.

Meetings & Events:
The hotel contains a Business Center which provides computers and internet connections on demand. However, internet facility is quite expensive at this hotel, so make sure you are aware of the charges before you order.
Also, you might want to double check the working of the air conditioners in the meeting rooms – they sometimes stop working in the middle of an important conference, causing inconvenience for the members.


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