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Hotel Suite

altAddress: Ainehkhaneh Boulevard, Isfahan
Phone: +98 311 6616071

Lighter on the pocket for foreigners than other similar hotels, Hotel Suite offers a relaxed, quiet atmosphere inside even though it is located in a relatively noisy district.
The lobby is an example of classic, Victorian era décor. Polite multilingual staff can be seen scurrying along, helping guests with their luggage and with any amount of awkward questions they might have. The lobby also provides internet access.

Reservations are advised during the peak tourist season, but otherwise you will usually be able to get a room without a reservation.

Pleasant, elegantly designed, and furnished with modern beds and dressers, the rooms at Hotel Suite provide a little more than a comforting few hours of slumber. All rooms are air conditioned, and have satellite television with BBC and CNN. They also give marvelous views of the neighborhood through the balconies.

A 70’s era themed restaurant is located inside the hotel, which provides excellent local cuisine with large servings.
Breakfast, included with the per night rate, is especially fulfilling, both in terms of quantity as well as taste.



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