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Festivals in Isfahan - Iran

Ashura - Isfahan


This festival is solemnly observed during the first ten days of Muharram. It is in grim remembrance of the martyrdom of Imam Hussain along with his family at Karbala. Passionate Tazieh are performed – processions/parades with large banners, wooden sculptures, horses, and bloodied pieces of...

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Chaharshanbe Suri - Isfahan

Chaharshanbe Suri

This is the last day in the Persian calendar, celebrated somewhere around mid-March, just before the festival of Nowruz. It marks the end of the past year’s darkness, and a resolve to welcome new light and new hope into the lives of Persians....

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Eid ul Fitr - Isfahan

Eid ul Fitr

The end of Ramadan marks festivity for the fasting Muslims. 3 days of celebration follow just as Ramadan ends – Eid. The festival of Eid is marked by visits to family and friends, and sharing smiles, exchanging gifts, and treating yourself to delicious sweet...

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Jashne Sade - Isfahan

Jashne Sade

This is an ancient ritual that has its roots in Zoroastrian tradition. A mid-winter get together and banquet is arranged in homes as well as official guesthouses to cherish the gift of Fire. Great bonfires are lit up at open grounds or public squares, and a large number of Zoroastrians as well as...

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Nowruz - Isfahan


Nowruz marks the first day of spring, and the first day of the Persian calendar. It is celebrated in accordance with ancient Zoroastrian theology.

The festival lasts for 13 days, starting around mid-March. The festival is marked with colorful ornamentations, kite flying, and floral...

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Ramadan - Isfahan


The holy month of Ramadan is marked with respect and adherence to the fundamental beliefs of Islam, and there is a general air of non-indulgence and goodwill around the city. Eateries all around Isfahan are closed from early morning till sunset, as eating and drinking is forbidden during the...

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Sizdah Bezar - Isfahan

Sizdah Bezar

This day marks the end of the Nowruz festival, and is celebrated to evade the bad luck that a 13th day brings. Sizdah Bezar aims at appreciating the beauty of nature and the great outdoors to ward off evil presences and ideas.

Celebrations include family outings to public parks and...

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