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Fast Facts

alt-Location: Isfahan, Iran
-Dialing code: +98 311 X
(where +98 is the international code for Iran, 311 is the regional code for  Isfahan, and X is the local number)

-Emergency numbers

Police: 110
Ambulance: 115
Fire Department: 125, 224444
Telephone Information Service: 118
Flight Information: 6001011 to 17
Iran Tourism Organization: 646 7251 to 5
Accidents: 282222, 288888

-Population: 1,583,609

Persian is the official language.
Regional languages include Bakhtiari Lurish, Judeo-Persian, Kurdish, and Turkic.
English is also widely understood.

-Time zone: UTC/GMT +3:30 hours

Majority: Islam (majorly Shiite, small proportion of Sunnis).
Minorities: Jews, Christians, Zoroastrians.

-Average January temperatures:
4 °C to 8°C
-Average July temperatures: 19 °C to 37 °C
-Annual precipitation: 108 mm                                                         


More General Information About Isfahan - Iran


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