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Transportation - Getting Around in Jakarta - Indonesia

Bus - Jakarta


There are mixed reviews and opinions on using buses within the city, since the taxi services available are safer and comparatively cheaper. There is a flat fare for regular buses of IDR 2,000, while air-conditioned buses (such as Mayasari or Patas AC) charge IDR 5,000. In order to pay for your...

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Car for hire - Jakarta

Car for hire

Car rental options are available in Jakarta but are discouraged due to the massive traffic jams in the city. If you are not familiar with local driving practices and the routes then it can be quite tiresome to try driving there for the first time. Renting a car is only advisable if you want to...

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Driving Tips - Jakarta

Driving Tips

There are toll routes that circle the city and are generally faster when the traffic is good but they also get jammed. Another downside to driving yourself is that the major roads have a poor drainage system and during the rainy season (Dec-Feb) the roads may be flooded, leading to a gridlock.Read More

From the airport - Jakarta

From the airport

The Sukarno-Hatta International Airport is 18km from the city centre, or 45 minutes to 2 hours away, depending on the traffic. Outside the airport terminals, there are large taxi stands. It is better to take an ‘official’ taxi as opposed to an unofficial driver (which runs the risk of your...

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Metro - Jakarta


Jakarta has made several attempts to create a rapid transit system. In 2008, two monorail lines that were under construction were cancelled. Now, a 14.5 km metro line extending from Lebak Bulus to Dukuh Atas is on the cards. Initially, there will be 12 stations – 4 of which shall be underground...

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Taxi - Jakarta


Tourists and visitors to the city generally prefer using the taxi as their principal mode of transportation since it is relatively cheaper and faster. There are numerous taxi companies – however, not all of them are reliable. Taxi services in Jakarta are run by private companies – and can be...

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