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Festivals in Jakarta - Indonesia

Bendungan Hilir Expo - Jakarta

Bendungan Hilir Expo

Merchant stalls line Pejompongan Street during this two-week event each April. Betawi musical performances are also featured....

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Chinese New Year  - Jakarta

Chinese New Year

Another New Year celebration picks up in Jakarta after the Islamic New Year. The Chinese community pins its new year to the Chinese lunar calendar....

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Grand Prix D'lndonesia - Jakarta

Grand Prix D'lndonesia

Grand Prix D'lndonesia (first week in July) at Ancol Circuit is the top-racing event of the year with international participation.

Jakarta Kite Festival - kite flying is a long-standing pastime in Indonesia and during this late-July weekend, colorful kites fill the skies across the...

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Idul Fitri - Jakarta

Idul Fitri

As the month of Ramadan comes to a close, Muslims across Jakarta don new clothes and attend gatherings with friends and family to celebrate. This is a peaceful, light-hearted occasion featuring gift giving and delicious feasts....

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Independence Day - Jakarta

Independence Day

Indonesia celebrates its independence from colonialism annually on August 17th. Visitors can enjoy food, music and dancing at Merdeka Square ...

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Indo Dance Festival  - Jakarta

Indo Dance Festival

Held mid-May in the Ancol neighborhood, featuring modern dance beats, internationally known DJs and lots of dancing....

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Islamic New Year - Jakarta

Islamic New Year

The city's thriving Islamic community celebrates the new year according to the Islamic Lunar calendar....

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Jak Jazz - Jakarta

Jak Jazz

International jazz musicians take centre stage during this world-class festival held late in November....

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