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Public Holidays

altPublic Holidays

New Year - 1 January  
Chinese New Year (date varies annually)
Birthday of the Prophet Muhammad (date varies annually)
Bali’s official day of Silence - 16 March
Good Friday (Friday before Easter)
Easter Sunday (first Sunday after Good Friday)
Galungan Festival - 12 May
The Ascension of Jesus Christ into Heaven (date varies annually)
Kuningan Festival - 22 May
Waisak (date varies annually)
Isra Mi'raj Prophet Mohammad SAW, Celebrating the Ascension of The Prophet Muhammad (date varies annually)
Indonesian National Independence Day - 17 August
Shared Holiday by Government Decree - 9 September
Idul Fitri (date varies annually) 
Shared Holiday by Government Decree - 13 September
Idul Adha (date varies annually, but 2 months after Idul Fitri) 
Islamic New Year (date varies annually) 
Galungan Festival - 8 December
Kuningan Festival - 18 December
Shared Holiday by Government Decree - 24 December
Christmas Day - 25 December

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