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Transportation - Getting Around in Bali - Indonesia

Buses - Bali


Getting around Bali, the best way is to hire a taxi since the bus network isn’t very extensive and can be a little tedious, getting stuck in traffic for long periods of time. Taking the bus could also mean sharing a seat with a rooster or a goat, since that is how the Balinese sometimes transport...

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Care for hire - Bali

Care for hire

Renting a car in Bali isn’t a good option since the roads do not have proper signs and you could get lost very easily. But that being said, if you do want to rent a car it is a good idea to shop around to get the best available rate. You can contact the rental agencies by thumbing through the...

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Driving tips - Bali

Driving tips

Driving in Bali, as mentioned earlier, can be very tricky as not all roads are marked and you could end up stuck in traffic for long periods of time. Before hiring a car, you have to show your international driver’s license made in your home country.
Hiring a small bike would be a...

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From the airport - Bali

From the airport

The only taxi service operating from the airport is the Ngurah Rai Aiport Taxi (+62 361 751 011, extension 1155). The rates are fixed so you don’t have to waste time negotiating. The fare works out cheaper if you can carpool with a couple of other travelers (up to 3 passengers per taxi). No other...

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Taxi - Bali


According to several reviews, one the most reliable taxi services in Bali is the Balil Taksi or the Blue Bird (+62 361 701111). You can always hire a taxi by flagging one on the street. The fare starts at Rp 5,000 for the first two kilometers and Rp 5,000 per kilometer after that. When planning a...

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