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Organized Tours in Bali - Indonesia

Banyan Tree Cycle Tour: - Bali

Banyan Tree Cycle Tour:

For all those looking to see a different side of Bali, visit the farming areas and explore small towns and settlements, this is the tour for you. The bike tour lasts about 4 hours and includes a lovely, organic breakfast in the hillside and ends with lunch (serving local specialties) at the...

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Cycle Bali, Canoe Bali - Bali

Cycle Bali, Canoe Bali

This tour supports sustainable tourism and visits villages where people can buy local crafts and support the craftsmen. Various packages are available from a half-day tour to a two-night one. The overnight ones are even more attractive since you get to canoe on Lake Batur and enjoy the beautiful...

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Geko Dive - Bali

Geko Dive

Discover the underwater world with licensed and trained PADI instructors. The Geko Dive tours were recently award the GoEco Operator award, given to only 8 tour operators in Indonesia. Prices vary according to the different packages purchased.

Phone: +62...

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