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Festivals in Bali - Indonesia

Bali Arts Festival - Bali

Bali Arts Festival

-June 12 – July 10-:  The Balinese love to dance and celebrate on every occasion possible. The arts festival is no different. It is a month-long festival which includes indigenous Balinese food, classic palace dances, street theatre and other types of performances. ...

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Bali International Jazz Festival - Bali

Bali International Jazz Festival

Extremely popular as jazz enthusiasts from across the Indonesia as well as the world gather to play and appreciate the beauty of music. The festival is spread out over 3 days.  ...

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Balispirit Festival - Bali

Balispirit Festival

A celebration of dance, music and yoga – this four-day festival brings together artists and yogis from across Indonesia as well as from around the world. The festival includes workshops, concerts and much more.
Tickets vary according to day passes, workshop only passes and weekend...

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Christmas - Bali


December 25:everything is closed and people celebrate by eating out and spending time with their families.  ...

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Galungan - Bali


This is also a 10-day event that occurs every 210 days. This celebrates the visit of the gods to earth. The gods then leave on Kunningan. Offerings are made to the deified ancestors and dead family members.  ...

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Good Friday - Bali

Good Friday

A public holiday and celebrated by the Christian population, the Friday before Easter.  ...

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Kartini Day - Bali

Kartini Day

The founder of women’s rights in Bali, Raden Ajeng Kartini, is remembered with the local women dressing up in traditional clothing.  ...

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Kuningan Ceremony - Bali

Kuningan Ceremony

This marks the end of the new year holiday and the ceremony lasts about 10 days. If you visit during this time, you’ll notice that the temples are decorated and yellow rice is handed to all visitors.  ...

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