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General Information About Bali - Indonesia

Annual Temperature - Bali

Annual Temperature

Min: 26
Max: 30

Min: 26
Max: 30

Min: 26
Max: 31

Min: 26
Max: 31

Min: 26
Max: 30

Min: 25
Max: 29


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Bali History - Bali

Bali History

Bali was ruled by the Javanese who laid the foundations of the Balinese culture today. Bali became the melting pot for everything related to religion and culture for Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam.
However, Bali was conquered by the Dutch settlers in 1909 after much resistance. The Dutch had...

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Bali residents - Bali

Bali residents

Over 90% of the Balinese are Hindu with a small minority being Muslims, Buddhists or Christians. Religion plays a huge role in the everyday lives of the locals; there are temples everywhere in Bali with strict adherence to temple guidelines (for instance, restaurants close to temples don’t serve...

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Bali today - Bali

Bali today

A few decades ago, the main forms of income for Bali were agricultural. Today, tourism is the single largest source of income for the Balinese. At least one member of every household is employed in the tourism industry. There was a sharp decline in the tourism industry after the 2002 and 2003...

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Exchange Rates - Bali

Exchange Rates

Rupiah (indicated as IDR) ...

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Fast Facts - Bali

Fast Facts

Location: One of the 18,000 islands in Indonesia. Located between the Java and Nusa Tenggara islands
Dialing code: 62
Emergency numbers
    General emergency number: 112
    Police: 110
    Fire Dept: 113
    Ambulance: 118

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Pubic Holidays - Bali

Pubic Holidays

New Year's Day (Jan 1),
Chinese New Year (dependent on the lunar calendar)
Birthday of Prophet Mohammed (dependent on the lunar calendar)
Nyepi (when everything, including the airports shut down, in late March) 
Good Friday (April 2)
Easter Sunday (First Sunday in...

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Visa information - Bali

Visa information

Before applying for any visa, be sure that your passport is valid for a minimum of six months. Apply well in advance since the visa process can take longer than usual. 

Pakistan: http://www.kbri-islamabad.go.id/
People living outside Islamabad may apply at the consulate in...

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