Cycle Rickshaws

The age old method of transportation, the cycle rickshaw, is still prevalent in many parts of Delhi. Though a great hindrance to moving traffic, they continue to be popular as they are a very good option for  distances that are too far to walk, yet too short for an auto or  taxi ride. They can be found in abundance at the Nizamuddin Railway Station and can be taken to reach the main road from where you can opt for other more appropriate means of transport. They are also convenient if you wish to go the nearby colonies within a radius of 2-3 kilometers. They can also be found in abundance in Daryaganj, Paharganj and Sadar Bazar areas.The streets and bylanes of Old Delhi and Chandni Chowk are easily reachable by rickshaw  and you can find them in dozens in that area. One has to be very careful while mounting and  dismounting as a rickshaw is pretty high. Also it is not very suitable for extreme climatic conditions and absolutely useless if it raining hard. If however  you are in an adventurous mood and wish to take a ride just for fun, go ahead, we guarantee you will love it !