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Transportation - Getting Around in New Delhi - India

Bus - New Delhi


Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) has an enormous network of public buses running on 773 routes including 3106 CNG buses for  the city/NCR. The number and route of the buses are written on the front and side of the buses making it easy for the commuters to identify which bus they have to take...

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Cycle Rickshaws - New Delhi

Cycle Rickshaws

The age old method of transportation, the cycle rickshaw, is still prevalent in many parts of Delhi. Though a great hindrance to moving traffic, they continue to be popular as they are a very good option for  distances that are...

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Driving in the City - New Delhi

Driving in the City

If you don't want to test your nerves, it is best you avoid driving in New Delhi. The wider avenues in  Central Delhi and the diplomatic area  may be fine to drive around but for the rest of Delhi, the unregulated traffic and reckless drivers can lend a sense of panic to the most...

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Metro - New Delhi


Delhi's new metro system has much potential for efficient and comfortable travel, and though in most parts of Delhi this potential has already been met, India's metro system has much more to grow. Currently there are three...

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Taxi - New Delhi


The most comfortable way to get around Delhi is by taxi.  Thousands of taxis ply in Delhi. Taxis in Delhi are yellow and black Ambassadors or Maruti vans which are easily grabbed at one of the local taxi stands or called over the phone. Usually your hotel can arrange a cab for you as...

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