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Musical Instruments

Image Delhi has a good range of specialized shops which deal with manufacture and repair of a wide range of musical instruments. These shops also sell song and music books.


Delhi Musical Stores
1070, Paiwalan,
Opposite Jama Masjid, Old Delhi
Tel: 3276909

Bina Enterprises
3578, Netaji Subhas Rd.
Daryaganj, Old Delhi
Tel: 4633075

Rangarsons Music Depot
12 K Block Outer Circle,
Connaught Place
Tel: 3323831

Adarsh Stores
4, Indian Oil Building,
Janpath Bhawan, Janpath
Tel: 3322950


A. Godin and Company

1, Regal Building

Connaught Place

New Delhi  11 0001

Tel: +91 11 2336 2809 


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