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Meena Bazar

ImagePresently known as  Chatta Chowk Bazar or Meena Bazar, this bazar was earlier known as 'Bazar-e-Musaqqaf', the market with the 'saqaf ' meaning roof or 'Chatta Bazar', a roofed market. The Lahore Gate entrance of the Red Fort leads up to this market where there are innumerable little shops selling an assortment of goods that are typically Indian. Hand embroidered , sequined purses and dresses, strings of semi precious stones, decorative items of onyx, inlaid marble-topped tables, little boxes, pens and animal figures covered with minute pieces of mirrors and beads, silk scarves and stoles, pashmina shawls, sandalwood figures,  handicrafts and much more are available at this fascinating place that draws one like a magnet. A unique gift you can  take home with you is a key chain with a single grain of rice in it on which your name or the name of your loved ones have been deftly painted.


Location: Inside the Red Fort, Old Delhi

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