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ImageThis is the most popular hangout place for Delhi's young crowd and equally fascinating for tourists as well as you can get really cheap stuff here. The street market sells a plethora of export surplus clothes which are sold at a fraction of their original price.Take care to look over the garment minutely  lest you land up with a damaged piece! A number of shops sell all kinds of junk  and glass jewelry and decorative articles. Canvas bags, scarves, belts can also be found  in flambouyant colors. A small shop sells all kinds of fragrant itr (perfumes). There are many Tibetan shops selling jewelry and ritual objects and many stalls selling Gujrati wall hangings, furnishings, painting, shawls, skirts etc. 


The Indian Oil Bhavan on Janpath has a number of trendy shoe stores as well as cosmetic shops. Many cafes serve delicious snacks and fast food. There are two book shops selling a variety of books and greeting cards.


Janpath is aslo the place to get good quality 'Kholapuri chappals' in a variety of designs and colors. 


One thing to remember when you shop here -  Janpath is definitely the place to test your bargaining skills!


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