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Dilli Haat

ImageThis open area imitates a haat (rural marketplace), where 200 little stalls form a permanent open-air arts-and-crafts market. It's a unique shopping experience, and the most authentic and affordable in Delhi. Dilli Haat offers you the opportunity to buy directly from rural artisans and craftspeople who are allotted space rotationally for 2 weeks, making this a great place to browse the variety of crafts from all over India, whether you are traveling farther afield or not. From Bihar's Madhubani art to silver jewelry and furniture, as well as unusual gifts and souvenirs or colorful linens and other furnishings, the range is exhausting, the prices excellent. If you are in Delhi in early December, be sure to check out the Master Crafts Fair (normally held Dec 1-15), where award-winning artists and craftspeople display and sell their work. Numerous food stalls serve food from all over India.


Daily 10am to 10:30pm

Aurobindo Marg, opposite INA Market. New Delhi 110 023
Tel: 011/2611-9055


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