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Shopping in New Delhi - India

 Tailoring - New Delhi


Delhi has terrific tailors that can quite impressively duplicate any outfit. Thus, if you want a tailored made outfit to fit you perfectly, make sure to bring over the clothes you plan on imitating. Also make sure you consult several individuals and follow recommendations. Always confirm...

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Amongst Your Own - New Delhi

Amongst Your Own

Be amongst your own bookworm kind in the Amongst Your Own book shop which holds a very extensive collection of books. If you are in search of a book, be certain that it will most likely be found here.
  Hours: 10:30am-7:30pm
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Antiques  - New Delhi


Sundar Nagar Market has a few shops that house an amazing range of antiques, be it woodwork, metalwork or precious and semi precious stones  and jewelry.   Padma Gems 9 A Sundar Nagar Market  New Delhi  110003 Tel: +91 11 2435 1513    Natesan's 13, Sundar Nagar...

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Books - New Delhi


Oxford Bookstore   This chain of premium bookstores opened its Delhi branch in 2004. It is located at Statesman House in the heart of the city's commercial and entertainment district, Connaught Place. The store offers a vast range of books for all ages and interests  to exciting...

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Central Cottage Industries Emporium - New Delhi

Central Cottage Industries Emporium

One of Delhi's largest and most well-known and reliable stores run by the government with several floors full of traditional Indian specialties such as cotton and silk fabrics, carpets, jewelry, antiques and handicrafts. Prices here are fixed so don't expect to haggle but...

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Central Market, Lajpat Nagar - New Delhi

Central Market, Lajpat Nagar

Located beyond the Ashram Chowk, this market is frequented by the south Delhi crowd. A hugely popular market, its attraction lies in its rows and rows of roadside stalls selling all kinds of goods from ready made garments, alluring fabrics, children's clothes, footwear, junk jewelry, hand bags...

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Chandni Chowk - New Delhi

Chandni Chowk

A visit to Chandni Chowk is as exciting as it is intriguing. A trip here is like a visit down history.The attraction lies not in large showrooms but small shops in narrow bylanes where shops are grouped by the products they sell.   Lajpat Rai market is where you can purchase any kind of...

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Computers - New Delhi


Nehru Place it is if you want to buy computers or computer related accessories.This IT hardware market complex is the perfect place for finding gadgets at  throwaway prices. A lot of pirated and original software is available here. Known as the hub of Asia's IT industry, this place can easily...

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