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Wengers is one of the oldest and most popular bakeries in Delhi. It is one of the pioneers in Swiss confectionery. It is not just a shop but an institution in the city that sells bread, cakes, pastries and an assortment of baked goodies.

Set up in 1926, it has literally been around for generations and continues to pull crowds even today. At any point in time one can see people thronging here as it surpasses its reputation of quick service, neat and clean environment and an endless variety of yummy, lip smacking eatables. Popular with the middle class, 70 percent of its clientele is made up of young people. Some of the popular items include black forest pastries, chocolate truffle cakes, chicken patties and shaami kababs. The almond cake and rich plum cake have been around for ages and continue to make  Delhiites drool even today. 


Address: A-16, Connaught Place

                 New Delhi

Telephone: 0091-11-2332 4594

Website:  www.wengerpastry.com


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