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Masala Art

Image Artistic rendering of classic Indian cuisine is all the rage in the country's upscale city restaurants, and Masala Art makes a very conscious attempt to dazzle. The chefs turn cooking into performance art, putting on engaging food demonstrations at mealtimes; spectators eat whatever delicacies are produced. Of the daily a la carte specials, look for achari jhinga (prawns flavored with raw mango), and galouti kebabs prepared with finely minced lamb and 126 different herbs. If you're up for sharing a small feast, order khushk raan, a whole leg of lamb pot-roasted in a secret, heavenly marinade. Order homemade puffy phulka bread, made from ground wheat, on the side, and be sure to have a glass of fresh sugar-cane juice or bhune jeere ki chaas, buttermilk seasoned with roasted cumin. End with cheena payesh, soft cottage cheese dumplings in reduced milk, topped with pistachios.

2 Sadar Patel Marg
Tel: 011/2611-0202
Price: Main courses Rs 325-Rs 950 ($7.35-$22). Food shows Rs 1,375 ($32) seafood, Rs 1,175 ($27) vegetarian or meat

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