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Fa Yian

Image Judging by the exterior and the neighborhood, this might at first seem the type of place you don't want to be at night. But grit your teeth and venture inside -- the brainchild of Gregory Kuok, this is the most authentic Chinese restaurant in Delhi, and the well-established menu has been tried and tested by some of the city's fussiest diners for well over a decade. Steamed wheat dumplings, filled with prawns, chicken, or vegetables and served with a garlic soya dip, are what gave Fa Yian its excellent reputation. The dumplings are prepared, along with the homemade noodles, fresh each day. Try these as a starter, followed by honey chicken, pepper-salt jumbo prawns, or the Fa Yian hot pot, which is prepared at the table according to your taste. Fish, brought in from Mumbai and steamed with a delicate hint of ginger, is lovely. Covering two levels, the ambience is relaxed and simple; ask for a table upstairs. Service is friendly and casual.

A Block,
25/2 Middle Circle
Tel: 011/2332-3237, 011/5151-6788
Price: Main courses Rs 135-Rs 165 ($3.05-$3.75); prawns Rs 465 ($11)

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