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Chor Bizarre

Image A fantasy of kitsch twisted into a unique and wonderful space that is more irreverent museum than diner, this is one restaurant that truly lives up to its name. Its name a pun on chor bazaar, which literally means "thieves' market," Chor Bizarre is packed with fascinating odds and ends, mismatched settings, out-of-place furnishings, and reassembled bits and pieces (matchboxes, coins, chessboards, antique combs, ivory sandals, jewelry, chandeliers, a jukebox. .. ), innovatively displayed to create one of India's most visually dynamic restaurants (a branch of which is now also open in London). One table was previously a Maharaja's bed, while a 1927 vintage Fiat has become the buffet-carrying "Chaat mobile." Start with deep-fried lotus roots, prepared Kashmiri-style, and move on to kakori kebab, lamb marinated in 36 different spices and grilled in a tandoor. Cardamom-flavored lamb meatballs (goshtaba) are another delicious Kashmiri specialty, slow-cooked over an open flame. Alternatively, if you're up for a feast, try the Kashmiri taramis (thali), filled with treats and served from a traditional royal platter. Ask about walking tours that combine lunch with sights in Old Delhi.

4/15 A Asaf Ali Rd
Tel: 011/2327-3821
Price: Main courses Rs 290-Rs 395 ($6.75-$9); thalis Rs 245-Rs 345 ($5.65-$7.90); Rs 595 ($14) walking tour and set menu lunch

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