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Restaurants in New Delhi - India

Bukhara Restaurant - New Delhi

Bukhara Restaurant

Bukharais widely touted as the best place for Mughal and North-West Frontier specialities in Delhi. The food is delicious and everything its reputation suggests - one particularly recommended dish is the kastoori kebab, while the delicious dhal makes a splendid accompaniment to any meal. Diners...

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Chor Bizarre  - New Delhi

Chor Bizarre

A fantasy of kitsch twisted into a unique and wonderful space that is more irreverent museum than diner, this is one restaurant that truly lives up to its name. Its name a pun on chor bazaar, which literally means "thieves' market," Chor Bizarre is packed with fascinating odds and ends,...

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Fa Yian - New Delhi

Fa Yian

Judging by the exterior and the neighborhood, this might at first seem the type of place you don't want to be at night. But grit your teeth and venture inside -- the brainchild of Gregory Kuok, this is the most authentic Chinese restaurant in Delhi, and the well-established menu has been tried and...

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Flavors - New Delhi


Genuine home-style Italian cooking is the hallmark of Delhi's favorite Italian restaurant. Italian owner-chef Tarsilo Nataloni began this as an ice-cream shop and soon expanded to an extensive menu. Unless it's a blistering summer day and you prefer the air-conditioned section, grab a seat at a...

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Haveli - New Delhi


Besides the fact that Haveli's food is exceptional, it's almost worth a visit just to admire the sumptuous decor. One wall showcases fine floral frescoes and decorative reliefs, while the ceiling is adorned with carved wooden haveli eaves, gilt tiles, and Belgian chandeliers. In the evenings,...

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Karim's - New Delhi


When it comes to Mughlai food, Karim's has  no match. Established in 1913, Karim's is something of a Delhi institution. It serves Mughal food in rudimentary but clean surroundings off a courtyard that is close behind Jama Masjid in Old Delhi. The food here is cooked according to age old...

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Khan Chacha's Kabab Corner - New Delhi

Khan Chacha's Kabab Corner

Hugely popular with people from all walks of life, this eatery is surviving on its reputation of churning out the most succulent kabab rolls in the city. Vegetarians need not be disappointed though as King Khan as this place is lovingly called, also scoops up the most scrumptious paneer tikka...

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Masala Art - New Delhi

Masala Art

Artistic rendering of classic Indian cuisine is all the rage in the country's upscale city restaurants, and Masala Art makes a very conscious attempt to dazzle. The chefs turn cooking into performance art, putting on engaging food demonstrations at mealtimes; spectators eat whatever delicacies are...

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