Qutab Festival of Classical Music and Dance

The annual Qutub Festival of devotional music organized by Delhi Tourism, presents world-renowned performers of Sufi singing and classical dance at Delhi's 12th-century landmark, the Qutub Minar. This musical extravaganza  is staged around Sharad Purnima(Oct-Nov), the night of the full moon, and carries on for three days. The backdrop of the Qutub complex bathed in the silver glow of moonlight creates a mystical, magical ambience that has the effect of transporting you to an ethereal world. This festival aims at reviving the culture and tradition of Delhi as well as showcasing the Qutub as a monument of grandeur, a memento of a glorious past. Each night also features contemporary fusion groups. If you are in Delhi around this time, make sure you get to attend this amazing festival.

Venue: Qutub Minar 

Timing: 06:30 pm 

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