Independence Day

India celebrates its Independence Day on 15 August with much fanfare and enthusiasm. It was on this day, rather at the stroke of midnight that India gained freedom from over 200 years of  Brirish rule. This day is a national holiday and people gather in large numbers to hear the Prime Minister of India as he addresses the nation from the ramparts of the Red Fort after unfurling the National Flag. A military parade is also held and children enthusiastically sing the National Anthem. All government buildings as well as shops are lit up and citizens proudly fly the tricolor on their cars and homes. Various functions are held all over the city with various neighborhoods organizing their own flag hoisting ceremonies. These are  followed by a cultural program as well as various competitions. Sweets are also distributed as a mark of celebration. One can see  citizens out in the open for a day of kite flying. Children and adults flock to terraces and open grounds to test their skills in this sport  and the sky looks so pretty dotted with shiny and colorful kites, mostly  tricolored (colors of Indian flag). Competitions are held where national and international kite fliers try to outdo each other in raising  their kites to the highest level possible without being cut  in the process.

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