Gandhi Jayanti

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born on 2nd October, 1869, in Porbandar, a small town on the Gujarat coastline. His birthday, celebrated as Gandhi Jayanti, is a national holiday and is  a day when the great leader is remembered with deep reverence. His contribution towards the achievement of India's independence from 200 years of British rule cannot be undermined. It is because of this that he has been bestowed with the title of 'Father of the Nation'. His policy of truth and non violence met great opposition but was ultimately recognized as being instrumental in the overthrow of the British rule in India. Gandhi also advocated the 'Swadeshi Movement' where he urged the people of India to use locally manufactured goods and to boycott British made products.

Gandhiji or Bapu as he is lovingly called, was a simple man who led an austere life yet was loving at heart. Keeping in mind his simple tastes and high values, his birthday festivities are minimal. A prayer meeting is held at Rajghat, Gandhi's samadhi, where prayers are recited and verses from the holy books of all religions read.This prayer meeting is attended by the President and Prime Minister as well as by other prominent political leaders. Gandhi's  policy of truth and non violence is so relevant today in a world torn by terror and greed. Today the world really needs more people like  Gandhiji, the great apostle of peace and truth.


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