Kuda Eid/Eid ul Fitr

The end of Ramadan is marked by Kuda Eid or Eid ul Fitr, a festival which is celebrated on the 1st of Shawwal with a big feast. Kuda Eid is celebrated after the sighting of the new moon and declared by a cannon blast in Malé and via television. After a month’s fasting Kuda Eid is celebrated very enthusiastically by Muslims in the Maldives. They begin the day by congregating early in the morning at a mosque to offer Eid prayers. After prayers people arrange and attend celebratory meals for family and friends. This is also a time of charity with families offering Zakat (alms) to the needy. Kuda Eid is celebrated for three consecutive days, all of which are public holidays in the Maldives.

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